Products FAQs

Do you only sell spiritual items?

No. We sell personal care products as well.

Are these products your own brand?

Yes. We manufacture them ourselves.

How can I become a distributor of your products?

Please call us at 718.783.8889, send an email to, or fill out the contact form for more information.

Are your oils pure essential?

No. They are not hundred percent essential but blend between essential and oil base.
They are not a diluted mixture or commonly call ”cut”.

Do these practices work?

A great deal of the practices is based on faith.

Are your baths child friendly?

Even though our baths are food grade ingredients and very skin friendly, we do not recommend them for children.
Instead you can use the appropriate bracelet depending on the situation. Available in our store.

Why do I need a cleansing bath?

Various negative reasons within your surrounding are usually the motivation to take a cleansing bath.

How do I take spiritual cleansing bath?

Each bath comes with detailed usage instructions.

How do I cleanse my house?

Cleansing a house depends on the severity of the occurrences in the house.
We recommend that you call for more information on your specific case.
For a basic cleansing you may use our cleansing package on the website.

What do I need to cleanse my house?

You need our special cleansing package available on our website with detailed usage instructions.

Does it matter which day I cleanse the house?

No it does not. That is left to your own discretion.

Can I take a blessing bath without taking a cleansing bath first?

Even though you can, we recommend taking a cleansing bath before a blessing bath for better result.

How often do I need to take a blessing bath?

Once a month or as you notice that your luck is getting scarce or running low.

I have a court situation. What can I do?

Depending on your case, candles could be the easiest fix to your request.

How soon can I prepare myself for a court appearance?

We recommend to start at least three days before your court appearance.

How can I attract a person to me?

You need to know if your significant other has a spiritual bond with you before engaging yourself into an attraction spell.
It is however plausible. Recommendation is on individual basis.

How can I keep a love one for me alone?

Through a spiritual spell you can make that happen. Refer to the our book section and look for ”love spell and charm”.

How can I reverse my unlucky love life?

Reversing a bad love luck is possible through a spiritual uplift and charm.
Kindly refer to our book list or call the store for personalized recommendation.

Can I make my husband or wife stay at home?

Please call to the store for more detail.

How can I protect myself from enemies and evil?

There are many ways to achieve that goal. Taking a bath is one. Using St Michael picture, chain pendant or crystal (citrin).

How do I shield my home from evil?

You can open an amitys altar to shield your home from evil.

Do you have items I can wear to protect myself?

Yes, we do have pendants, amulets, beads, and rings.

What can I do to get a job?

Steady work candle brown can be used for this purpose.

I have a job but I want to retain and maintain it. What do I do?

We recommend Steady Work candle green to achieve this.

What do I do to be in peace with my piers at work?

We recommend ‘Peace at Work’ and  ‘Leave Me Alone‘ candles.