Aunt Sally Candle Lore


“How to burn Candles for Every Purpose”

Aunt Sally Plain Candles

WHITE: For devotions in remembering & contacting departed souls and for purity and cleansing. Read 112th Psalm 

RED: To bring back lost loves, loan, sex and health. Bum to conquer fear or    laziness and for protection against black magic. Read 142nd Psalm. 

PINK: To achieve success and affection. Bum until things improve. Read the 98th Psalm. 

YELLOW: To make you dream and make dreams and desires come true. Read 59th   Psalm. 

ORANGE: To make you attractive to others. Read the 46th Psalm. 

BLACK: Excellent for destroying enemies and removing evil vibrations. Use when requesting a joyous outcome to difficult situations. Read 9th Psalm. 

BLUE: Good for quick money and health. Use to create peace and blessings at home. Read 81st Psalm. 

BROWN: Use in time of financial difficulties. Attracts money, happiness and success. Read 54th and 7 1st Psalm. 

GREEN: To attract money, work and matrimony- Read 61st Psalm. 

PURPLE: To give you power and control over people. Breaks up jinxed conditions.  Read 56th Psalm. 

GOLD: To bring in money, luck and financial success. Read 150th Psalm three times.

GREY: To remove evil influences and undesirable influences. 



7 AFRICAN POWERS: Used for success and help in very difficult situations

7 COLORS: Used for luck and prosperity

7 INDIAN POWERS: Used for protection

ADAM & EVE: Used to bring lovers together who have quarreled or grown apart

ALL PURPOSE: Used for luck, money, purity and peace

ALL SAINTS: Used to bring holy anointing to your body and home daily. All Saints can also be used to break hexing by using the divine power of all Saints.

BARON DEL-CEMENTERIO: Used to return evil to whom it was sent from

BAYBERRY: Used to bring good fortune. Many homes burn this candle every day of the year.

BINGO: Used to anoint with bingo oil and bum for success

BLACK CAT: Used for good luck and money

BREAKUP: Excellent to break up two people

BUDA: Excellent for luck, money & love

CARIDAD DEL COBRE: Used to gain love, affection & money. Aid in difficult pregnancies.

CHANGO: Offering for luck. Used for money, power or love

CONDITION: Used to gain wisdom, power & good health

CONGO: Used for protection and luck

CONTROLLING: Used to control affairs of your life: family, co-workers & money.

COURT CASE: Used for success in court

CROSS OF CARAVACA: Used for protection and blessings; anoint with holy oil

D.U.M.E. (Black): Used to convey bad luck to others

D.U.M.E. (White): Used to overcome evil.

DOUBLE ACTION (Greer/Black): Used for money, luck & success

DOUBLE ACTION (Red/Black): Used for love, sex or energy problems

DOUBLE ACTION (White/Black): Used for spiritual or cleansing matters

ELEGUA: Used to keep evil away from you and your home

FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY: Used to achieve faith, hope and charity within yourself and others.

FAST LUCK: Use with fast luck oil and incense to overcome bad luck

GAMBLERS: Use with gambler’s oil and burn for big winnings

GRAN PODER: Burn for special blessings and protection

GREGORIO HERNANDEZ: Used to help a sick person recover

GUARDIAN ANGEL: Used for protection

HIGH JOHN: Used to help with very difficult problems; anoint with High John oil.

INDIAN HEAD: Used to gain luck & success in all areas.

INDIAN HOUSE: Use for luck & protection in the home.

INFANT OF PRAGUE: Used for guidance, to control families. 9 Day Novena.

JINX REMOVING: Bum to get rid of jinxed condition.

JUSTO JUEZ: Burn for protection in court.

LA MADAMA: Used for protection, excellent for luck.

LA MADAMA (3 Colors): Used for luck &  prosperity.

LA MADAMA (Red): Used for love

LA MILAGROSA (Blessed Mother): Mother of God; used to achieve miracles

LADY MT. CARMEL: Used to help with life’s problems and gain assistance in the hour of death.

LADY OF GRACE: Used to achieve blessings

LAS MERCEDES: Used for peace & serenity; also to eliminate confusion and chaos

LORD’S PRAYER: Used for protection & peace of mind

LUCKY (7 Colors): Used for love & money

LUCKY (Pink & Green): Used for luck & prosperity

LUCKY 13 (Money Blessing): Used to help your wish come true

LUCKY 7/11 (Green): Used to help in gambling & money

LUCKY BUDDHA: Used for happiness, power, pleasure & luck

LUCKY LOTTERY: Used for help in winning the lottery

LUCKY PROPHET: Used to gain success & wisdom and long life

MAGIC: Used to help you achieve your wishes

MONEY DRAWING: Used to attract money your way

MOROCCO: Used to help you dream & achieve success

MOSES: Used to help you follow the 10 commandments.

PEACE IN THE HOME: Used to bring peace & happiness in a troubled home

PERPETUAL HELP: Used for continuous aid in everyday living

POWERFUL HAND: Used to pray for justice in difficult problems

REGLA: Used for protection, blessing & good health

REVERSIBLE: Used to make trouble and jinxes return from where they came

SACRED HEART: Burn for daily blessings

SAN ALEJO (Alex): Used for protection from enemies & satan; used to chase away evil.

SAN DESHACEDOR: Used to destroy evil spirits

SAN EXPEDITO: Used for quick help in times of trouble; also for protection

SANTA ELENA: Used to overcome sorrow and sadness and to keep couples together

ST TERESA: Used to attain purity & cleansing; also protection for children

ST. ANTHONY: Used to request success & special favors.

ST. BARBARA: Used to encourage & motivate; as well as for promotions

ST. CHRISTOPHER: Used for safety in travel

ST. CLARA: Used to create understanding & knowledge; will clear serious problems

ST. ELIAS: Used to overcome evil in the home

St. FRANCIS: Used to achieve serenity & spiritual blessings

ST. JOHN: Used for protection from evil and to gain wisdom

ST. JOSEPH: Used for family blessings, needs & protection

ST. JUDE: Used to help in very difficult matters; known as the miracle worker

ST. LAZARUS: Used to help in your daily needs; used in healing health problems as well

ST. LUCY: Used to keep you free from all evil & jealousy

ST. MARTHA: Used to help overcome difficult moments; used to gain aid & protection

ST. MARTIN: Used to gain freedom from sin & temptation

ST. MICHAEL: Used for courage, protection & deliverance from enemies

ST. MICHAEL REVOCATION: Used to send evil back to the one who caused it; also used for protection in dangerous situations.

ST. RAFAEL: Used for safety & protection when traveling 

STEADY WORK: Used to help one find work & keep a job

TALISMAN: Used to find & hold love

THREE KINGS: Used for luck & protection; to use when wanting a wish to come true

UNCROSSING: Used to rid yourself of a crossed condition; anoint with uncrossing oil

YEMAYA: Used for fertility & to eliminate problems between parents and children