When working with any Orisha, it is important to give them offerings as a sign of respect and gratitude. ⁠

Yemaya, who is  known as the Queen of the Sea, is the matriarch of all the Orishas. This makes her one of the most powerful of the 7 African Powers. She is said to be the Orisha who is petitioned for any issues relating to women, maternal issues such as fertility, as well as any travel having to do with the ocean. Yemaya also takes on the issue of domestic violence, as it is something that angers her. 

Yemaya is very generous, kind and good-hearted. 

When building an altar for Yemaya, it is important to know what she likes. ⁠


~Watermelon & pomegranate ⁠

~Sea Shells  

~Flowers, especially white roses

~Fish dishes 

~Pork cracklings

~Coconut/pound cake ⁠

~Plantain chips 

Petitions to Yemaya are most effective when delivered to her at the beach 

Yemaya is known to protect women and children, practitioners of the occult, as well as those born under water signs⁠

Color: BLUE & WHITE ⁠